it's time to take care of our sea

We need creative minds, open-hearted people, poets, dancers, artists, idealists, earth activists, Nature & Culture lovers, ... we need more "Sea'sters" to give birth to a new generation of positive impact projects!

Acting as a "business Doula" I will support you by bringing a new & disruptive feminine vision and optimized tools to "work less and enjoy more" in the development of your profesional project.

Inspired by the wisdom of Nature (biology, astrologies, environmental sciences, permaculture.. ) and in Culture (anthropologies, history, art, literature…) the INSPIRA* methodology we will use follows the 4 phases of the feminine cycle and allows you to discover the 5 essentials elements to achieve an harmonious and eco-intelligent growth for your positive impact project.

Our coaching sessions are available in English, French or Spanish.

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