Let's co-create Positive IMPACT projects

Positive LAB Creative Impact School offers "Learning by enjoying" experiences: courses and mentoring programs which will guide you to :

  • Explore a feminine approach adapted to creative entrepreneurship
  • Be inspired by Nature and Culture to activate an harmonious & respectful growth of your project
  • Cultivate a regenerative eco-leadership.
  • Boost the Circular Economy & the Arts
  • Discover colorful tools created for Social Businesses

Our mission is to give birth to a new generation of "citizen driven" projects, by encouraging collaboration and the cultivation of Positive Ecosystems.

Become a #Sea'ster by joining our courses and mentoring. It's time to take care of the world we live in!


Our courses & mentoring programs

Let's grow your project from SEED and give it a rich and fertile playground!

Here you'll find a selection of colourful tools and joyful experiences to help your project flourish by awakening our feminine and co-creative power!